New Jersey's Clean Energy Program
Statewide program that offers replacing old light bulbs with energy savings led bulbs for New Jersey business owners, non-profit organization and church to help them save energy, money and the environment.
Incentives are available on a first-come, first-served basis
Our team members will replace your current lights with the latest LED technologies - all approved under the guidelines set forth by the NJ Energy Savings Program

New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program (NJCEP)

New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program (NJCEP) promotes increased energy efficiency and the use of clean, renewable sources of energy including solar, wind, geothermal, and sustainable biomass. The results for New Jersey are a stronger economy, less pollution, lower costs, and reduced demand for electricity. NJCEP offers financial incentives, programs and services for residential, commercial, and municipal customers.

The State of New Jersey has a New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program. This program reimburses if you replace your old incandescent bulbs, as well as halogen and metal halid lamps to new LED light bulbs in order to the energy consumption by 70% to 80%. The program requires to replace old light bulbs with Energy Star LED light bulbs.

All we need are the following simple prodecures :

1. A listing of your existing lighting fixtures.
2. We will submit your application under the New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program.
3. A copy of your recent electric bill (all pages) from a NJ utility company and fill out a NJ application for tax clearance form.
4. Once approved, we will replace the existing lighting fixtures and install the latest in LED Lighting Technologies.
5. Before the installation begins a co-payment will need to be made to proceed with the project.
6. We will be reimbursed by New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program.

We want to ensure you have the opportunity to participate!