Our team members will replace your current lights with the latest LED technologies

This statewide initiative works for and with the community to implement cleaner energy solutions to scale back our impact on the environment.

Incentive and rebate programs offer customers cash incentives to offset project costs so that businesses can save money and use energy more effectively.

By installing fixtures and lamps that are Design Light Consortium and EnergyStar qualified and approved, customers are assured that quality products are being used.

An experienced professional, CS Koida helps customers invest in quality energy solutions. Specializing in LED fixtures, we have identified the new generation of lighting. LED lighting is rated for more life hours than their counterparts by using less energy and more efficient technology.

We will conduct an audit of your facilities to provide you with a full-range lighting plan for your business, showing you the energy savings potential with the upgrades we offer.

We want to ensure you have the opportunity to participate!